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Big Al's CanadaBoxing Day Flyer 2013 Big Al’s Boxing Day Flyer 2013 (Boxing Week Clearance Sale)


Thanks to Member LS M. for sending us Big Al’s Boxing Day Flyer for 2013! She qualifies for a FREE gift card. Please don’t forget to send us your early Boxing Day flyers and you will get a free gift card too. Details on Boxing Day free rewards here.

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Big Al’s are the Pond and Aquarium Hobby Specialists. As always, Big Al’s Boxing Day / Week flyer for 2013 features some good deals.

  • Tetra Deluze LED Aquarium Kits $49.99
  • Marineland LED Aquarium Starter Kits $59.99
  • Aqueon 15 Column Deluxe Aquarium Kit (with stand) $149.99
  • Marineland 25 Gallon Frameless Cube Aquarium Kits (with stand) $229.99
  • 40XH Gallon Aquarium $69.99

Big Al’s Boxing Day / Week Clearance sale Discounts include:

  • Save 50% on filters
  • Save 20 – 75% on ornaments, driftwood, rocks and decor
  • Save 20 – 50% on fish foods
  • Save 20 – 50% on Big Al’s Frozen Foods
  • Save 20 – 50% on reptile bedding

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Summer Family Outings in Canada


Summer has started and the kids will soon be out of school. now begins the quest for our Annual Budget Friendly Summer Outing.

I am on the fence right now but I am thinking African Lion Safari or The Toronto Zoo.  African Lion Safari is $29.95 plus HST per adult and $24.95 plus HST per child. It would cost my family of four $124.07 just to walk through the gate.  Add in the cost to take the tour buses through the park for an additional $4.95 per adult and $4.75 per child.  The tour bus may seem optional but I always think it’s a a must do for the trip.  Discounts are available through Costco, so I’ve heard, but overall this is still a pricey outing.

Speaking of discounts, CAA is excellent place (if you’re a member) to get attraction tickets at reduced prices.  While researching for the Toronto Zoo I found out that I can receive and additional 10% off regular Zoo Admission at the gate.  The Zoo seems to be the most budget friendly of the two choices I have in mind.  With adult admission at $23.00 and the child admission at only $13.00 my family of four can travel there for $72.  Even add on the $10 cost of parking at the zoo and extra gas to get to and from I am sill saving the amount of an admission ticket.

Additional thoughts for savings:

  • Pack a lunch
  • Set a limit on souvenirs BEFORE you go
  • Make it a group outing (carpool)
  • Hit the Library before going for commuting activities
  • Load up the iPod with facts and trivia related to the location you are going (virtual tour guide?)

There are of course some places I simply cant even begin to come to terms with the cost versus the reward.  My best example, and feel free to disagree below, is Marineland.  Don’t get me wrong I would love to take my girls there and they have seen the commercial enough time to be begging for it but the cost? In my opinion it is far too much considering the experiences in the park.

What are your summer outings and how do you save?